Find a Gym With Tanning Beds in Strongsville, OH

Find a Gym With Tanning Beds in Strongsville, OH

Get your bronze glow at Elevated Fitness

You work hard to get fit and feel confident about your appearance. Visit our tanning beds to get a sun-kissed glow after your workout. Elevated Fitness has two tanning beds available to help you to maintain a tan year-round in Strongsville, OH.

The tanning beds are an extra feature of one of our monthly memberships, but they’re also available to nonmembers. Stop by today to check out our fitness facility, or you can call 440-638-4748 to learn more about our tanning options.

Hit the gym and get a tan

You can improve your fitness and maintain a gorgeous tan when you join Elevated Fitness. Here’s what you need to know about tanning at our gym:

  • The monthly Pro Membership includes unlimited tans.
  • We have a drop-in option for nonmembers.
  • The beds are 10-minute stand-up beds.

Call today to learn more about Elevated Fitness and our tanning beds.